refund-policy of 789soft

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789soft is a professional multimedia software provider for Windows users. It is one of the very few developers that have a full range of high-quality Windows multimedia software programs.

What's your refund policy?

A " try-before-buy "version lets you make the best purchase decision and make sure that the product is compatible with your computer system and meets all of your specific requirements. We also encourage you to explore the product web pages to obtain comprehensive product information before purchasing the full version.

Before you purchase a product, please choose carefully and make sure you buy the right program. Due that a downloaded program and its registration code cannot be taken back, we do not refund your order or change your product simply because you have made a wrong selection.

If you encounter problems that we are unable to resolve, please E-mail our support team at [email protected] from Monday through Friday for a refund request within 30 days of the receipt of the product.

Additionally, a refund request will be rejected if we can change your program to another product which can fix the issue with the product itself. also a refund request after 30 days of the receipt of the product will be rejected.